Meet Two People Traveling The World And Getting Paid While Doing It

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May 8, 2014
Is Backpacking Really The Best Way To Travel?
May 12, 2016

Meet Two People Traveling The World And Getting Paid While Doing It

Graduate and Live AshleyMeet Ashley.

Since 2012, Ashley dreamed of traveling to Asia. She recently graduated with a journalism degree from the University of Florida.

With the help of Graduate and Live, Ashley discovered the world of freelancing. Today, she’s building a career online and self-funding her travels.

Graduate and Live Ryan AstaphanMeet Ryan.

Eight years ago, Ryan graduated with a degree in history. He bounced through different fields, spending time as an administrator, a YMCA counselor and an electronics manager. But he never stopped yearning for more.

Ryan desired a life that didn’t revolve around work. He had to find a way to break free from meaninglessness and monotony. For five years, he’s lived that life. Now, he’s ready to share the formula for freedom.

Today, Ashley and Ryan are traveling the world. They worked hard to make their dreams a reality, but the work won’t end once they board the plane.

Ashley and Ryan started as freelancers and built a foundation that allows them to work from anywhere. The pair will trace their travels, discuss digital nomadism and outline the path to financial freedom.

If you’re lost, follow their summer tour of India, Thailand and southeast Asia.

Graduate & Live

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Graduate and Live
Graduate and Live
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