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The 4 Hour Work Week Changed My Life

August 10, 2016
What do you want to be when you grow up? Simple advice on being an adult.
August 10, 2016
August 10, 2016

Years ago I found myself lying in bed. I was about 24 years old, working a dead-end job, and living with my mom. She stepped into my room and threw a book to me. Who would have thought that this moment would be a major turning point in my life?

Ryan Astaphan


Today I write to you from Chiang Mai, Thailand.

For the last year and a half I've lived and traveled all throughout this beautiful country, only taking breaks to visit other lands.

I'm not a multimillionaire, nor do I even have 6 figures saved up. But I am debt-free. And I do get paid $900 a week to work less than 4 hours.

For this, I have to thank my mother and Tim Ferris. He's the author of The 4 Hour Workweek. He introduced me to two mind-blowing concepts:

  1. That it's possible to escape the rat race, to make more than enough to survive, that it's possible to do this while working minimal hours and that life can be spent doing what you love.
  2. That your work can be automated by hiring others to work for you, specifically from less economically-developed countries.


How I got here

Years ago I used my not-so-impressive computer skills and put them to work online as a freelancer.

Small-time success came early even though I kept improving my skills, I came to a realization:

As good as I could become through practice (at Photoshop, for instance), there were already so many people out there who were better than me. Plus they were willing to work for less pay.

I, however, possessed advantages that they did not have:

  • I was a college graduate from America, which automatically bought me trust with potential customers. And I had a better understanding of the customer service Westerners expected and how much they'd be expecting to pay.


They journey wasn't easy.

I am not a natural born leader. And I do not like telling people what to do.
So, needless to say, there were bumps in the road to learning how to make this work. But slowly it began to work. I'd win a job, learn how to do it myself, and then train someone to do it for me ... paying them less than what the client agreed to pay me.

As time went on I'd consistently make trades for time and money: making $600 / week for ten hours of work and then jumping up to $900 / week for twenty hours of work and so forth.



I kept wanting more money and more free-time.

And that's how I found myself where I am today. That's why I've launched G&L: because I want to inspire people. I want to show them possibilities that they did not know existed. And that's why I spent months working on a guide to make life easier for new freelancers.

The Modern Guide to Freelancing contains 36 easily-digestible pages of knowledge:

  • How to find jobs and win them
  • Customer service
  • Expanding your business
  • Money management

Good luck on your journey :)

Ryan Astaphan
Ryan Astaphan
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