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Three people, Ryan, Aom and Ashley make up the G&L Gang. Together they created the Graduate & Live 2016 Summer Tour of Asia. For two months they traveled through India, Thailand and Vietnam. Their adventure was captured on video for your viewing pleasure. But before beginning...

Watch this trailer. Trust me.


I hope you enjoyed that video. If you did join along!

The adventure begins in India's major metropolitan capital, New Delhi. But actually, in this video the G&L Gang travels to Old Delhi. Watch this video to experience a spice market, which is suprisingly exciting,


In the same state of Delhi, just hours away is the Taj Mahal. In this episode Aom, Ashley and Ryan travel to the Agra, the home of the Taj Mahal.


The G&L Gang's trip through India continues. Click that play button to check out India's holiest city.


From Varanasi the G&L Gang took a train to Delhi and then flew to one of India's most controversial region's (Kashmir). Not only do India and Pakistan battle for this area, but local separatism dream for independence. Kashmir is also known for being Muslim and one of India's most beautiful states.

In this video we have good times with good people.


The G&L Gang left Kashmir only to travel to another Himalayan city, Dharmashala. Best known for housing the Dalai Lama, Dharamshala also has a really nice hippy village thing going on. Get a firsthand view in this video.


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