Three people: An online business owner, his girlfriend and a freelancer writer travel to see what experiences the world has to offer them.


Hi, I'm Ryan Astaphan, a one-time freelancer who progressed into owning an online business.

Ashley Lombardo is a kickass writer. During college she freelanced for me and following graduation she got a very nice location independent job writing for a marketing firm.

Aom is a tattoo artist who also lives the life of a freelancer. We met each other in Thailand and hit it off immediately, sharing a love for travel.


In the age of the internet, working online offers the opportunity to earn a high wage, the opportunity to live and work from anywhere, and the opportunity to have flexible hours and lots of free time to do what you love.

Ashley and I seized this opportunity , which is why we decided to set off on the Graduate & Live 2016 Summer Tour of Asia - A digital nomad journey.

On this page you will see Ashley, through her writing, has brought you along to join us on our adventure. She accomplished this despite being hospitalized 4 times on this trip. What a trooper! Come along for the ride! Below is a 16 part series written by Ashley. The adventure starts in New Delhi, India. Let's go!


Parts 1 through 16: From India to Thailand and Vietnam

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