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September 2, 2016
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September 7, 2017

Anti-social rant commencing in..

r/DigitalNomad has the potential to be a really good sub. I frequent it daily in hopes of finding interesting content, but more often than I'd like only a pile of shit stands before me. So in an effort to fight for this sub I'm going to address a few things in bulk below:
  1.  Being a digital nomad is an independent working experience.

    On this sub there's a steady stream of "how can I become a digital nomad? and "is it possible to be a DN while working xyz?"

    These people make me want to rip my hair out and I fully expect most of them to fail as DN's.

    How are you ever going to become successful working independently if you don't have it within yourself to figure this shit out for yourself?

    Working independently isn't the hardest thing ever, but it surely brings a lot of challenges that aren't faced in more traditional jobs. So let me save you some time, heartache and lot's of money.

    If you're not that self-motivated type, then kill your dream of being a DN right now. You can still travel and have a great life and there's nothing wrong with that, just like there's nothing inherently great about being a DN.


    And to answer the endlessly repetitive question of how you can become a digital nomad, it's fucking simple:

    A) Learn a technical skill that will be valuable to your clients or users.
    Lynda.com has been a great learning tool for me.

    B) Learn business skills, because technical skills aren't worth shit if you don't know how to profit off of them.
    This can include learning how to market, learning about various pricing models, learning about winning clients as a freelancer and customer service skills, etc.

    C) Once you start making consistently good money skip town and do whatever your heart desires.

  2. What is being a digital nomad all about?

    I mean, more than anything digital nomadism is about freedom. But if we're speaking in more concrete terms it's about traveling, free-time and money.

    I wish this sub talked about those subjects much more and less about stupid shit like how to find a public restroom. Seriously, that post pissed me off way more than it should. I'm sorry OP's stomach had issues that day, and I apologize if they have a medical condition that I'm not aware of (that would be insensitive of me), but otherwise get the fuck out of here with that shit. You're a traveler, right? You should be able to figure this shit out for yourself.

    Honestly though, by this point I know I'm sounding like a hypocritical asshole because it's easy to criticize and hard to contribute. So maybe I'll start speaking up and adding knaw-ledge when I can.

    This sub would be much better though if we shared interesting content from our travels, as well as tips and discussions about freeing-up our time and making money.

  3. The DN "community" and jaded DNs.

    I have no right to tell someone else how they should travel. If someone wants to move across the world only to surround themselves with people who are culturally-similar to themselves while living a life pretty similar to their old one back home, then there's nothing wrong with that if it makes them happy.

    But if you're going to then go and write some stupid shit like /u/levthedev did with his Waking up in Thailand, then get the fuck out of here bro. No one forced you to make naive, uninformed (read stupid) decisions.

    If you or anyone is happy living in Nimman or their city's equivalent, then good for you. I'll never hold that shit against you.

    But if you had a shitty experience because you had child-like dreams of what "being a DN" is all about, because you somehow couldn't figure out how to live cheaper in Thailand than you could back home, because you completely ignored the local culture in favor of sticking with "the community"...Fuck that shit.

Rant over.

Ryan Astaphan
Ryan Astaphan
Says "feel free to make yourself welcome and look around the site."

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