Is Backpacking Really The Best Way To Travel?

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May 12, 2016
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Is Backpacking Really The Best Way To Travel?

After graduation, many students will celebrate their accomplishments by traveling to another country. Graduates elect to spend a gap year exploring the world, setting their sights on experiencing the culture in countries like Europe, Asia and Africa.

Regardless of the destination, it seems that backpacking is the most popular method of youth travel today. But from the perspective of seasoned travelers, backpacking might not be the best way to go.

The widespread attraction to backpacking is understandable. Backpacking is more than just traveling, it’s taking off on a personal adventure. The backpack, crammed with the bare necessities, serves as a symbolic change in a person’s life. It represents leaving behind the heaviness of the material world to focus on intrinsic growth.

Plus, backpackers believe they will be provided with some degree of utility and comfort.

Think again.

While the philosophy of ditching the bullshit and stuffing the essentials into a pack is great, the reality isn’t logistically smart. If you’ve ever actually carried a hiking bag through a bustling city, you probably realized it isn’t easy. That’s because a hiking pack serves one purpose: to go hiking.

If you’re walking on paved roads for the majority of your trip, there is zero need to lug a 50-pound monstrosity around the world.

An ineffective hiking bag can cause serious pain as it digs into your shoulders. Although a good hiking pack should distribute the weight more evenly, it’s still going to bear down on your body. And that’s without taking the high price into account.

Travelers should purchase a modest rolling suitcase that allows them to leave the majority of non-essential possessions behind. With a compact, carry-on suitcase, travelers can still harness the freedom to focus on their purpose while experiencing a comfortable range of motion.
Make life easy and get a suitcase with wheels. It’s cheaper, it can be rolled and it’s literally a load off your back. Thanks us later.

Graduate and Live
Graduate and Live
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