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Life sucks after college.

August 10, 2016
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August 10, 2016
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August 11, 2016

I don't get mad, but I get disappointed in people who believe college is the peak period in one's life. How depressing is it to believe that one's enjoyment of life will only diminish from the age of 22 onwards?

College is an amazing experience.

The lack of real world responsibilities.
The free time.
The atmosphere on campus.
The fun.
The games.
The partying.

But even as a student at the University of Florida during the Tim Tebow era I'd be damned to believe college would be the best time in my life. But a lot of people do buy into the idea.

A lot of people end up living a life they don't like. They may have more money than they did as a student, but they traded it away for free-time. They stop having fun. They stop doing the things that make them love life.

Seeing people unhappily stuck in the rat race, buried in debt and overloaded with stress causes me heartache. Life doesn't have to be that way.

Adulthood should be a time where dreams become a reality. Traveling the world with someone you love. Learning kung fu in China. Helping the less fortunate.

And then there's the simple pleasures. Buying whatever food you want. Waking up when you feel like it. Doing the things that make you happy.

Most people who complain about adulthood do so because their means of financially supporting themselves conflicts with the interests of their hearts.



I believe the point of life is to be happy.

And many factors contribute to our happiness, but for the hypothetical, dissatisfied professional discussed above, two factors weight heavily on their peace of mind:

Money & Free-time

They have one, but not the other.

Personally, I rather have my cake and eat it too.

For those who wish to leave the rat race, freelancing is a viable method for procuring both money and free-time.

I can see a lot of today's students and graduates emulating what I did, which is why I promote the idea of enjoying life and working online.



Only you yourself can judge your success.

Success is obviously based off of goals that we set for ourselves.

Success didn't come easy to me. There were lots of long, lonely days where I'd go to sleep with aching joints. But I got here. Nine hundred dollars a week to work less than an hour a day.



Freelancing, nor success, will bring happiness.

Don't buy into all this digital nomad bullshit that sells you a dream-life fantasy.

Every year on TV you see celebrities who seemingly have it all crash and burn in a flame of inner-torment.

What freelancing can give you is money, time and flexibility. That's a great thing. Those three things will free you to find happiness for yourself.



The game is to be told, not to be sold.This shit's free. But success must be earned through hard work and intelligence. When an opportunity to advance yourself and make your life easier presents itself you should jump at the chance. The Modern Guide to Freelancing is an ebook designed to make your life as a freelancer easier - simply said, it's purpose is to make you more money and have less stress.

You can learn more about it and get your FREE copy here.



My story

For the 1% of you out there that will enjoy my story, I'll share it with you now. The story starts with freelancing, which I'll explain here:

Freelancing is simply a different form of employment. Instead of getting hired for a part or full-time job, freelancers get hired to complete a project or a re-occurring task that does not warrant a company hiring another employee for. Freelance jobs exist in a broad range of fields, not just tech-heavy ones like computer programming.

When I began freelancing, the strengths I had were that I was American and young. I say that without jest. Being a westerner is an advantage held over the many competitors from countries such as India. Being young is an advantage, because I was raised on the internet - I was naturally more knowledgeable than a lot of the people doing the hiring.

So anyway, I, a history grad, got into freelancing using some basic Photoshops skills I learned from a previous job. I also learned nice websites could be made from templates, not from coding, so I started making those too.

Over time I added new skills and others so I could make more money. Then I started hiring freelancers to work for me. This allowed me to take on more jobs. This essentially moved me from being a freelancer to running my own digital agency.

This work led to a marketing firm hiring my agency to build them a site, manage it, supply it with fresh content and provide SEO services. This was the point in my professional life where I really started to bloom. Each week I was working less hours while making hundreds of dollars.

That is how I found myself where I am now. $3,600 to work less than 20 hours a month.


Get the modern guide to freelancing!

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