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September 7, 2017
May 6, 2017

The digital career path I began years ago has taken yet another turn. I now own a tattoo shop in Chiang Mai, Thailand. And that is a story I will tell now.

Panumart Tattoo - Chiang Mai

When I last wrote on Graduate & Live I was still talking about the 4 Hour Work Week and making a location independent living. But since then life has changed a bit.

Ahm, who was my girlfriend back then, is now my wife. And over this last year she has hustled hard to better herself as a professional tattoo artist.

Work began to trickle in earlier this year. And then it built momentum. Ahm was consistently getting new customers seeking tattoos.

To help her out I began Facebook ad campaigns in the hopes of acquiring new Likes.

Ahm performs her tattoos in Chiang Mai.

Ahm performs her tattoos in Chiang Mai.

If you've never run PPC ads before, then you should know that it takes some tinkering to optimize the ad. On Facebook you have control over the image users will see, you can write ad-copy and you can target various demographics to really focus your ad's efforts on the right people.

By doing this I was able to get us over 3,000 followers, usually paying only 7 cents per Like.

These ads were successful on two fronts: 1) they raised awareness in the city for Ahm and for Panumart Tattoo. And 2) the large following we acquired brought in more customers. The ads paid for themselves and some.

So what came next?


I decided to renovate our shop. If we were going to start advertising to tourists, as I wanted to, then I wanted to improve our standards. We invested in a new bed, tons of new inks, a steam sterilizer and other equipment. Plus we re-decorated our shop: new paintings, new art, a new sofa, air conditioning and more.

It's funny how in all of this my tech skills have still come in handy. I designed our new tattoo website using Wordpress, I've helped design tattoos using Photoshop, and I've brought in customers with SEO via Google.

So now a days I'm spending most of my time with Ahm doing tattoos in Chiang Mai.
You can visit our website here at http://thai.tattoo

Ryan Astaphan
Ryan Astaphan
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