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University of Florida, c/o 2008 graduate. BA in History, Cum Laude.

I'm Ryan Astaphan, author of the Modern Guide to Freelancing. I've used freelancing to advance myself to a better place in life. I believe pursuing education is an investment we make in hopes of bettering ourselves. In the spirit of self-improvement, I make this guarantee to you:

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  • What does freelancing mean?
    Freelancing is simply an alternative hiring method. Instead of committing to a long-term position, you'll work on individual projects.

  • Everyday, tons of freelancing jobs are posted on freelancing websites. These jobs are accessible to everyone, from writers to accountants to designers and even engineers.

  • Working freelance jobs is not just about earning far above the minimum wage, it's about having the freedom to do things your way. Be your own boss, make your own schedule, live and work wherever you want.

You have the skills needed to freelance

Honestly speaking, students from all majors should be able to find success in freelancing. To show that, here's a list of freelance job categories:

Get paid $10 to WRITE 100 words.

Ten cents a word is about the bare minimum you should accept when writing. Fifteen cents and above is much more acceptable.
Imagine getting paid $75 to write a 500 words.


In the world of freelancing there's a high demand for individuals who can write: blog articles, emails, press releases and sales copy. These are all individual skills that can be picked up quickly.

Invest your time in yourself.

How to Start Freelancing

And what The Modern Guide to Freelancing will teach you


1. Learn what kind of jobs are right for you.
2. Learn where you can find a steady supply of freelance jobs.
3. Learn how to improve your odds of getting hired.
4. Learn how to keep clients happy.
5. Learn how to protect yourself from naughty clients.
6. Learn how to build a sustainable freelance business.
7. Learn how to manage your money and plan for the future.

Through all of this you can learn how to become a freelancer.

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