At home jobs for college students

If you Google something like “work from home college students” the results will provide you with many viable work options:

  • Online surveys
  • Manufacturing a product
  • Affiliate Marketing and much more.

Before I can give you advice on finding an at-home job, you need to know for yourself what you’re looking for. Where do you fall in the risk/reward range. Risk can be thought of as a measure of certainty that you will receive a reward. For example, while it’s not a job that can be done from home, working at Starbucks would be an example of low-risk, low-reward. With a Starbucks job you could be nearly certain that you will have money coming your way every two weeks, but it wouldn’t be so much money in the grand scheme of things.

As you could imagine, there’s a broad range of jobs on the risk/reward spectrum.

While watching the Shark Tank I saw two students who created a successful peanut butter company of all things.

The route of making something that is distinctly your’s seems to offer the most promise, but many such options come with the highest amount of uncertainty of whether your investment of time and money will offer a return.

But for all the different work from home jobs, there’s one that is filled with variety. This field offers the chance to earn tens of thousands of dollars without having a tenuous barrier to success. But the choice of exactly what to pursue will depend on your chosen risk/reward path.


I can only speak from my own experience.

If I was offering advice to a university student that I was close with, I’d recommend them to find a job that can be done online, such as deciding to freelance in college.

Freelancing was the path I took after college, but I will not say that is the best option for all.

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