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4 Ways To Make Your Family Comfortable With International Travel

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May 12, 2016
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May 13, 2016

Thousands of recent graduates are choosing a life of international travel. But that doesn't mean parents will automatically jump on board.

Every family is different, but there's no doubt that some parents would prefer a more traditional path for their children. That's because parents often create a picture of how their child's future should be. In some cases, they'll even push their kids toward that preapproved lifestyle.

If you've graduated college and you're working as a freelancer, you probably won't need financial support. But many people don't feel comfortable taking a big trip without the family blessing. Here are a few tips to help get the go-ahead.


1. Research the destination.

  • Read comprehensive guidebooks published by Lonely Planet or Fodor's Travel.
  • Browse the internet for travel blogs. Start with National Geographic and The New York Times.
  • Consult friends with traveling experience. If there's a specific place you'd like to go, it's possible that a friend or acquaintence has been there. Seek them out and get the scoop.

2. Build an itinerary and create a map.

  • Smartphone applications make planning much easier. TripIt is pure convenience. It allows you to populate all the details of your itinerary with quick, easy email forwarding. Travefy has a user-friendly interface, clean PDFs and a group collaboration software.
  • Google Maps allows users to pinpoint locations, create routes and measure time and distance. Plus, your parents will love having the ability to visualize your trip.

3. Request and address your family's list of concerns.

  • If people feel like you’re hearing them out, they’ll be more likely to get onboard with your travel plans. Ask your family members for a list of thoughts so you can fully understand what's troubling them. You might be surprised. Your family’s concerns could turn out to be great resource to better prepare for the trip.  

4. Set-up a system to show you’re safe.

  • Make a plan to check in with a family member once or twice a week. A check-in time will minimize worry and give everyone something to look forward too.

The call of the wild beckons loudly, but the people staying behind still matter. Take the time to understand their fears. Show them that you're a smart and safe traveler. It's worth it, especially if you plan to come home.

Graduate and Live
Graduate and Live
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